Mexican Studies and Spanish Immersion in Querétaro Program Outline

This program is intended for you to learn Spanish language through inundation.

You can take moderate or high level Spanish, as well as seminars on Mexican history, writing, and culture.

Mexico is an optimal area to proceed with your Spanish language studies,

the elocution, jargon, and casual articulations utilized in Mexico are likewise usually heard in the U.S., offering you a smoother semantic change between the two nations.

As a feature of the vivid experience, you will live with a Mexican receiving family and get the opportunity to communicate with Mexican spanish language school understudies nearby.

 This program incorporates trips to Mexico City

visits to memorable towns around the host city, and a few additional exercises in and around Querétaro. The territory of Querétaro and Mexico City are two of the most secure .

 I had during my time in Mexico.

On the off chance that your program has a Need Cutoff time, complete all pre-choice application materials by this date to get a $100 credit toward your program charge.

Scholarly Subtleties

The GEO Querétaro program is a month and a half in the mid year. All courses are shown in Spanish by educators from UAQ’s School of Language and Writing.

Contemporary Mexican History.

The Contemporary Mexican History course can combine with Latin America HIST credit. The seminar on Contemporary Mexican.

Course Equivalencies

kindly allude to the UO Course Equivalency Interaction and the UO Office of the Enlistment center Course Equivalency Information base.

Non-UO understudies:

Genuine credit not entirely set in stone by the important division at your college in counsel with the concentrate abroad office. Check with your concentrate abroad counselor for more data.

Personnel and Staff

Every year, an educator from the College of Oregon’s Sentiment Dialects Division or a GEO Worldwide Commitment Program Facilitator fills in as the on location facilitator for this program.

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